Today, more than 20 million people are struggling with substance use disorders. Prior to the Affordable Care Act (ACA), insurance coverage for mental health and substance abuse treatment was sketchy, leaving some people without adequate coverage for their treatment or without any coverage for behavioral therapy. The ACA changed that, requiring insurers to meet certain minimum standards regarding coverage for mental health and substance abuse treatment that includes medical detox, inpatient treatment, and outpatient treatment. 

That said, in spite of minimum standards, the amount of coverage can vary considerably among different insurance providers and different insurance plans. Not all addiction treatment centers accept all forms of medical insurance either. Even so, treatment access for substance abuse and mental health care is wider than ever. At Sylvan Detox, we accept a wide range of insurance plans. Our goal is to help as many people suffering from alcohol or drug addiction in or near Thousand Oaks, CA, as we can overcome their dependence on alcohol and drugs.

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Does Allegiance Insurance Cover Alcohol Rehab?

If you have an Allegiance medical insurance plan, it should include insurance coverage for your substance abuse treatment and dual diagnosis treatment if you’re also suffering from a co-occurring disorder such as depression or bipolar disorder. However, your coverage amount is specific to your Allegiance plan. So, the amount the insurer will cover for your behavioral health treatment depends on your specific medical insurance plan. 

Generally speaking, Allegiance, which is a Cigna company, provides full or partial coverage of alcoholism addiction treatment at an alcohol and drug treatment center. That coverage may also include mental health treatment for dual diagnosis. Today, alcohol and drug rehab centers in or near Thousand Oaks, CA, typically offer multiple levels of care within their treatment facility or network. These levels may include medically assisted alcohol and drug detox, residential inpatient treatment, partial hospitalization programs, intensive outpatient treatment, conventional outpatient programs, sober living programs, and aftercare. Depending on your Allegiance insurance coverage, your treatment plan may or may not be covered in its entirety. 

What Does Allegiance Insurance Cover?

When it comes to your specific medical insurance policy, Sylvan’s enrollment team can help you determine your specific coverage entitlement and verify insurance coverage as related to your specific treatment needs/costs. Again, generally speaking, Allegiance does provide full or partial coverage in relation to medical detox, inpatient treatment, and outpatient treatment. The amount of that coverage is based on your specific policy. Fortunately, the ACA has made some level of coverage a requirement when it comes to drug and alcohol addiction treatment. Your level of coverage will be outlined in your policy. You can contact Allegiance for specific coverage information or let the insurance specialists at our recovery center help you determine that amount.

How Much Does Alcohol Rehab Cost in Thousand Oaks?

The cost of alcoholism treatment in Thousand Oaks varies from one treatment center to another. Although Sylvan Detox is a luxury drugs and alcohol recovery facility offering best-in-class addiction treatment programs, we strive to maintain our competitive pricing. Our alcohol and drug rehabilitation center accept most insurance plans. While the type of addiction you’re struggling with, whether alcohol addiction or opioid addiction, for instance, doesn’t affect your cost, the services you need and time spent in rehab do. 

Sylvan offers inpatient treatment plans as well as drug and alcohol detox programs. Most insurance plans provide full or partial coverage for these services. So, if you need alcoholism addiction treatment, heroin addiction treatment, or cocaine addiction treatment, for example, you can generally count on some level of insurance coverage from Allegiance depending on your specific medical insurance policy. The out-of-pocket cost you can expect to pay will vary with the services you need and the length of time you need them. 

Additionally, about one-third of people who have a substance use disorder like alcohol addiction also have an underlying mental health disorder. It’s important to obtain simultaneous treatment for both conditions to ensure that neither condition, left untreated, affects the other. Dual diagnosis treatment necessarily involves an increase in services during alcohol rehab programming. 

Some clients have questioned whether or not they should forgo inpatient drug rehab and alcohol detox and simply attend Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous for support. These programs can help some people live sober and they’re free. However, they are not staffed by professional clinicians or addiction therapists. They do not offer medically supervised treatments such as cognitive behavioral therapy or dual diagnosis treatment. Many clients rely on these free programs for aftercare support once they’ve completed their rehab substance abuse disorder treatment.

At Sylvan, we offer a wide range of treatment programs, including evidence-based therapies, holistic treatments, and alternative therapies–each designed to target some aspect of a person’s alcohol addiction and addiction recovery needs. While 12-step programs can be helpful, they do not provide the level of medical support that exists at an alcohol and drug addiction treatment center. 

How Do I Verify My Insurance for Rehab?

In order to verify insurance coverage, prospective clients can visit Sylvan’s website and submit an online query or contact our alcohol and drug rehab center by phone. We know how important it is for people to begin their alcohol or drug addiction treatment, so we’ve streamlined our enrollment process so that it moves as quickly as possible. Our insurance specialists will be able to determine your coverage amount and treatment costs when at the time of your enrollment. We can also tell you upfront if we are able to accept your medical insurance plan. 

We’ll provide you with the insurance coverage addiction information you need to know before you begin your addiction recovery treatment plan. We can answer all of your questions about the costs of services and your insurance policy based on your specific treatment plan. We operate with transparency and honesty. We do not recommend services that clients don’t need. We strive to help clients build a strong recovery foundation so they can manage their addiction for the long term with success.

Sylvan Rehab Accepts Allegiance Insurance for Alcohol Rehab

Sylvan Detox accepts Allegiance insurance plans for alcohol rehab as well as related behavioral health treatment. The first step in our enrollment process after verifying your insurance coverage is to provide you with a thorough behavioral health evaluation. This allows our clinicians to recommend the ideal treatment course for you. Not all clients need alcohol detox, for example, or are interested in attending family therapy or need dual diagnosis treatment. Some clients do. Costs for treatment plans can vary depending on the services included in them. 

Sylvan Detox features medical detox programs and inpatient drug rehab programs designed to treat alcohol and drug abuse disorders. Clients who are interested in an intensive outpatient program can be referred to our network partners that offer services such as outpatient treatment programs and sober living facilities. Many of our clients do choose to transition from our residential alcohol and drug treatment programs to outpatient programming offered by our network rehab partners. 

Contact Sylvan Detox for more information about our treatment programs. Let us help you end your dependence on alcohol. We’ll be able to discuss your insurance coverage and treatment needs when you call.