Clinical Assessments

How it Works

The first thing that happens after you decide you are ready for help with your substance abuse is to contact our team. We are available to take your call 24 hours a day on our confidential helpline at (818) 308-3099 and can answer any questions you may have regarding our luxury facility, medically assisted treatment, alternative therapies we offer, and our amenities. Our team will also let you know exactly what to expect before you show up.

Once you are admitted and after you arrive at our recovery center you will have a full psychiatric evaluation as well as a full physical health evaluation as well. This will involve qualified doctors and psychiatric experts asking questions and checking your overall physical and mental health, using screening instruments and tests to check for mental illness or physical ailments that will need treatment while you are in our care. Your clinical assessment is important, as it will allow us to make treatment recommendations like which medications you may need, as well as the types of group therapy, individual therapy, holistic treatments, and other care that may best help you in your individual treatment plan. We want to ensure you are receiving the appropriate treatment for your needs.

The next step is entering treatment, which usually begins with a medical detox program (with or without medication-assisted treatment), followed by an inpatient treatment program. We can also connect you with outpatient levels of care that may include an intensive outpatient program a partial hospitalization outpatient program, or other drug addiction outpatient treatment and peer support groups like 12-step programs and alumni groups.

Why Clinical Assessments are Important

The clinical assessment process is important because it allows drug addiction treatment providers to obtain relevant and important information that will help them create a customized program of treatment for addiction and mental health issues, with medical detoxification (treating symptoms of withdrawal) and integrated drug rehab addiction recovery treatments.

Each patient will have unique needs due to their individual history of drug use, which substance(s) they have been using, their level of addiction, their unique biology and genetics, medical history, and family history of substance abuse and mental illness. Using a variety of assessment tools, doctors and addiction specialists will be able to determine the best substance abuse treatment to get you on your own personal road to recovery through effective treatment and therapy.

Customized Care at Sylvan

At Sylvan Detox, we provide customized, confidential, and private care in a luxurious residential inpatient setting, beginning with a clinical evaluation, a psychosocial evaluation, and getting to know you through a one-on-one conversation. We will then be able to provide safe, effective treatments that include:

  • Medical detox programs with 24/7 onsite nursing and a 24/7 on-call doctor to keep you safe and comfortable if withdrawal symptoms become overwhelming, medication management, and medication-assisted treatment if needed
  • Individual therapy, group therapy, and family therapy
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy and dialectical behavior therapy
  • Evidence-based treatments and trauma therapy
  • Mental health treatment for those with a  co-occurring disorder alongside addiction
  • Holistic treatments like yoga, sound therapy, breathwork therapy, saltwater therapy, massage and spirituality
  • Aftercare planning, case management, life skills, and relapse prevention

You will be able to begin healing through our comprehensive whole-patient approach to treating substance use disorders at the Sylvan Detox recovery center. To find out more on how to get started on the road to recovery, please call a treatment advisor today. We accept most insurance, we are nationally accredited, and we can let you know more about our medical evaluations and how to get screened and assessed so you can start your addictions treatment program right away.

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