Sylvan Detox is a leading addiction treatment center that features medical detox and inpatient treatment programs. Our treatments are clinically driven but also include some alternative and holistic therapies that support the recovery process. Medical detox is, generally, the first step to addiction recovery. At Sylvan Detox, clients can expect 24-hour care and support as they move from drug dependence to freedom.

When clients come to Sylvan Detox, they can expect customized care that will meet them where they are in their recovery journey. We will treat them with respect and will never try to force them to undergo treatments they do not need. Every doctor and therapist is educated, with credentials and experience with addiction and our staff uses trauma-informed methods. Every person in our facility is genuinely there to help. Choosing Sylvan Detox provides clients with a wide range of treatment options, long-term support, and connections to outpatient rehab facilities, sober living homes, and peer support groups, ensuring they will never be alone in their recovery. Some of the programs we offer include:

Sylvan helps clients become independent and take back control over their own lives, empowering them to become the sober individual they want to be as they successfully manage their addiction. If you are ready to take the first step on your own journey to recovery, please call us at any time, night or day, at (818) 308-3099. 

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