Program Amenities

At Sylvan Detox and rehab facility, we are a luxury rehab center with a focus on your comfort, safety, and security. Detoxing and rehabilitating from drug or alcohol addiction can cause a multitude of uncomfortable, painful, or distressing sensations in the body. During the recovery process you may also feel mentally, emotionally, or spiritually unwell, and may experience unhelpful thoughts and feelings. For this reason, our facility is as comfortable as possible, with behavioral health services, therapy, and high-quality treatment from medical professionals and addiction specialists, but also with high-end amenities that ensure you feel well in all aspects of the healing process so you can focus on yourself and your recovery journey, without suffering from distress.

We also have security, because we believe that when you are recovering from addiction, you are at your most vulnerable and deserve to feel protected and be able to relax as you work toward successful recovery. Those who require additional privacy and security, such as celebrities, high-profile guests, and executive clients need not worry, as our facility is secure and safe.

Some of the incredible, top-tier luxury treatment amenities we have to include:

A private chef – throughout all levels of care offered at our rehab center, our private chef is there to ensure all your dietary needs are met while creating beautiful and delicious wholesome meals you will love. They are happy to accommodate food allergies, sensitivities, or dietary needs

A fully stocked snack bar – we are not the type of facility that limits your access to food, and there is no need to worry about feeling hungry between meals, as we offer snacks 24 hours a day that are for the taking

Outside lounge area – hang out in our treatment center’s large and spacious outdoor area to enjoy the fine California weather and take in the fresh air in comfort during your drug rehab program

Basketball Hoop – sports are a good way to stay healthy, distract yourself from cravings, and have a bit of fun with others during your addiction treatment program, or you can practice shooting hoops on your own if you are so inclined

Pool Table – Whether you are a beginner or a pool shark, you can enjoy your downtime with recreational activities like playing pool against fellow guests and sharpening your skills

Ping pong Table – Ping pong is not as easy as it looks! Test your hand-eye coordination as you play with fellow guests on our treatment center’s ping pong table, and get a bit of exercise in the process

Yoga and Meditation – holistic therapies like yoga and meditation, as well as art therapy and physical fitness, can improve your overall well-being by increasing mental clarity and calmness, relieving stress, and increasing the body-mind connection through mindfulness, stretching, and focus, speeding up the recovery process as you overcome drug and alcohol addiction

Sound Healing – music and sounds come from vibrations, and with sound healing, these vibrations can help unblock pent-up emotions for better emotional and physical wellness in substance abusers during addiction treatment

Phone time – after a blackout period when you begin your drug abuse treatment you can use your phone to contact loved ones for support

Several games and books – you will never be bored when you are at Sylvan Detox rehab facility, with our library of books and games to choose from you can spend quiet time on your own or get to know a new friend as you play games

TV – you will have access to a Smart TV in our residential treatment program with several streaming services so after a long day of behavioral therapy, holistic treatments, recovery meetings, and other residential treatment you can kick back and let yourself be transported to a fictional universe or enjoy your favorite comedy during down time

Housekeeping – Housekeeping services are provided because we believe that you should use up your time and mental space on treatment, therapies, healing, and recovery work rather than worrying about the small things like cleaning

The weekly store runs – if you want to purchase tobacco or any other small products like hygiene or food items with your own money that is located outside of our treatment facility, we can get it for you

Drug abuse treatment is not a punishment, and at Sylvan Detox we believe that you deserve to feel good about the decisions you are making by stopping substance abuse and beginning the work to recover from your addiction. Along with luxury amenities, we provide high-quality of care whether you are in a medical alcohol detox program, a medication-assisted treatment (MAT) plan, inpatient rehab, or dual diagnosis treatment program for a co-occurring disorder like mental illness or PTSD.

Our team of expert treatment providers will give you top-tier service in all aspects of your stay with us, setting you up with medical care, individual therapy, holistic therapies, aftercare planning, recovery resources, and outpatient treatment. You will be able to relax and work on your inner self, regain your physical health, create a relapse prevention plan, and recuperate your mental health and spiritual wellness for a long-term recovery.

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