What is Alcohol Detox?

Alcohol addiction can happen to anyone, in fact, there are millions of Americans that are facing the struggles of alcohol dependency each day. While many have the desire to quit drinking alcohol, it can be difficult to see your way of alcohol addiction without the proper support. Alcohol is a highly addictive substance that creates strong physical and emotional dependence after engaging in regular, long term alcohol abuse. As your body becomes accustomed to the presence of alcohol, it becomes reliant on alcohol to be able to function. When you attempt to quit your use of alcohol, your body will attempt to function without it causing side effects and symptoms of withdrawal. Alcohol withdrawal symptoms can produce uncomfortable and, sometimes, high risk side effects that are challenging to manage without the proper medical supervision and treatment. 

To ensure that you are able to move through your alcohol withdrawal symptoms smoothly and without any unnecessary discomfort, participating in an alcohol detox program will provide you with the appropriate medical support and psychological guidance from addiction therapists. An alcohol detox program will invite you to reside within the addiction treatment facility where you will be able to begin the process of ending your alcohol consumption and allowing your body, mind, and spirit to begin the healing process of recovering from alcohol addiction. As you rid your body of the toxins of alcohol, you will be provided with the highest levels of care to safely move through the alcohol detox portion. As your body begins to regain its healthy, normal functioning, you will be able to proceed with the next step in your addiction recovery process of addressing the psychological dependencies and root causes of your addiction within an alcohol rehab program. 

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Who Should Consider Entering Alcohol Detox?

Alcohol addiction will impact each person in different ways depending on the severity of your alcohol consumption. There is no standard set of symptoms that will happen to each person that goes through alcohol detox and withdrawal. It will vary depending on your unique history with alcohol abuse, therefore, it can be challenging to predict your experiences with alcohol withdrawal until you are going through your alcohol detox process. That is why it is recommended that if you have a history with regular consumption of alcohol, binge drinking, or heavy drinking patterns, participating in an alcohol detox program will provide you with the comfort in knowing that you will have the expert guidance and support of medical professionals and addiction therapists who will offer you leading evidence based therapy methods and treatments to safely move through your alcohol detox process.  

Is it Dangerous to Detox from Alcohol at Home?

There are often many people that are preparing to quit their use of alcohol that have questions about whether they can complete their alcohol detox while remaining at home. Alcohol detox is a necessary first step in your addiction recovery process and often comes with some emotional and physical challenges or withdrawal symptoms. Depending on your specific history with alcohol abuse, you may experience moderate to severe withdrawal symptoms that can become uncomfortable and, sometimes, dangerous such as seizures or severe dehydration if not treated by licensed health care professionals who are specifically trained and knowledgeable in safe detox practices. An alcohol detox program will invite you to participate in medical interventions and treatments such as medication assisted treatment along with holistic treatments that will ease the severity of your alcohol withdrawal symptoms and help you to remain comfortable and at ease throughout your alcohol withdrawal and detox process. 

5 Benefits of an Alcohol Detox Program

Taking the initial step to get help for your alcohol addiction within an addiction treatment program of alcohol detox and alcohol rehab is a courageous step to make. Choosing to enter into an alcohol detox program will give you the support and tools you need to make your journey towards addiction recovery successful. Participating in an alcohol detox program offers patients that following benefits: 

  • Residing within a safe, structured environment. Patients in a detox program within a licensed treatment facility will have the added benefit of knowing that you are able to focus on your recovery journey without experiencing any unnecessary triggers or temptations from the outside world. Patients in an alcohol detox program will be able to engage in a daily structured routine that will focus on healing and rejuvenating your body and mind from the harmful impacts of alcohol addiction 
  • Access to medical support and guidance 24/7. An alcohol detox program will have onsite health care professionals that will be available to supervise your progress throughout your detox program and monitor the onset and severity of your alcohol withdrawal symptoms. As your withdrawal symptoms progress, you may be offered specific medical treatments or holistic therapies that will work to reduce the severity of the symptoms and work to maintain your levels of comfortability. 
  • Peer support. Residing within an addiction treatment center to undergo your alcohol detox program will allow you to be living with other individuals that are beginning their addiction recovery process. Patients often find solace in the ability to connect with other people that truly understand every aspect of the phase of recovery and provide genuine support and care for one another. Patients often develop friendships and support systems with each other that will often last for long periods of time even after you complete your addiction recovery program. 
  • Decreased pain and discomfort. The purpose of an alcohol detox program is to support patients in reducing the severity of your withdrawal symptoms and work to maintain your comfort and safety throughout your initial steps in addiction recovery. Depending on your unique circumstances with alcohol addiction, you may be offered the support of a medication assisted treatment program that will invite you to take specific medications that are designed to significantly reduce the severity of your alcohol withdrawal symptoms and reduce the presence of severe alcohol cravings. Medications provided are intended for short term use that will enable you to safely move through your initial steps of addiction recovery. Once you are feeling strong in your recovery and have overcome your withdrawal symptoms, medications will slowly be tapered off. 
  • Mental health support. Throughout detox, you will have the support of licensed addiction therapists that will help you process any emotions and thoughts that are arising for you during your recovery process. If you experience triggers or changes in your mental health, the team of addiction therapists will be there alongside you to help you safely process and feel the emotions while supporting you to remain on track to complete your detox and healing program. 

The Top-Rated Alcohol Detox Program at Sylvan Detox Can Help

Healing from alcohol addiction is possible and, at Sylvan Detox, we believe that with the right support and treatment methods it can be a smooth process. Our patients are provided with individualized treatment plans that are specifically designed to meet your individual needs for healing and work towards achieving your goals for addiction recovery. Through evidence based therapy methods and a top tier medical team, your treatment plan will be comprehensive with a goal of healing from addiction within your body, mind, and spirit. We are ready to help you get on the road to recovery the moment you call us. Healing from alcohol addiction is possible and we are here to help you enter into the life of sober living, health, and wellbeing, call us today to get started.