The Cost of Alcohol Rehab in Los Angeles County

Substance abuse can take various forms. Prescription drug abuse can be every bit as dangerous as abusing illegal drugs. Prescription opioids, sedatives, and other medications can have addictive properties. With drug misuse, an RX abuse problem can quickly turn into serious drug addiction. At a drug and alcohol rehab like Sylvan Detox, people can get the help they need to end their substance abuse problem. Like any substance use disorder, prescription drug addiction can lead to the deterioration of mental health, physical health, and other important aspects of an individual’s life. If you are addicted to prescription drugs, you can get help at drug rehab centers in Santa Clarita, CA, like Sylvan Detox.

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Top Rated Prescription Drug Rehab for Santa Clarita Residents

Sylvan Detox is a luxury rehab facility in Woodland Hills, CA. Clients from Santa Clarita and other communities in or near Los Angeles County. Unlike other Santa Clarita rehab centers, we combine traditional substance abuse treatment with alternative and holistic therapies to give clients the well-rounded support they need to achieve lasting addiction recovery. Our recovery programs include medical detox and residential treatment supported by a wide range of treatment modalities like cognitive behavioral therapy, medication-assisted treatment, life skills support, relapse prevention, dialectical behavior therapy, saltwater therapy, yoga, sound therapy, family counseling, and more.

As a top rehab staffed by highly trained and experienced clinicians, we are also able to provide dual diagnosis treatment. It’s not uncommon for people who have a drug or alcohol addiction to also suffer from a mental health condition. Clients can get the comprehensive behavioral health treatment they need while enrolled in our inpatient rehab program. 

What Is RX Rehab Like?

RX rehab helps clients build a strong foundation for recovery. Even so, drug rehab centers in Santa Clarita, CA, often take different treatment approaches to the recovery process. Some rehabs offer multiple levels of care with various programs like inpatient treatment and outpatient drug treatment. Sylvan Detox features residential treatment and detox programs. When clients enroll in our programs, we provide each with an individualized recovery plan that includes individual therapy as well as a wide range of treatment modalities.

During rehab programs, we provide clients with a robust level of support to ensure they’re comfortable and getting the treatment they need to manage their addiction successfully. Our addiction treatment center features a positive environment that’s safe and staffed by caring addiction specialists. During treatment, clients are able to immerse themselves in their therapies with the support of staff and other clients who are also learning to manage their alcohol and drug addictions. 

What to Expect in RX Rehab?

When entering drug treatment programs at Sylvan Detox, clients can expect to spend their days in both individual therapy and group therapy sessions. Treatment takes many different forms because addiction impacts so many different aspects of a person’s life. During some sessions, clients will learn how to identify how their problematic or unhealthy thoughts trigger their unhealthy behaviors–and how to manage them. In other sessions, they may learn anger management strategies or how to manage their negative emotions. In other therapy sessions, they may address topics like mindfulness, life skills, interpersonal relationships with loved ones, and more.

At our recovery center, help clients identify addiction resource options and aftercare programs they can rely on once they complete their treatment program. During treatment, we offer 12-step program facilitation and encourage clients to attend Narcotics Anonymous NA or Alcoholics Anonymous AA meetings as part of their aftercare support. Clients can expect to learn a lot about themselves, their addiction, and about how to manage their condition going forward so that they can prevent relapse and maintain their sober living plan.

How Long Is RX Rehab in Santa Clarita?

Prescription drug treatment takes time. Drug and alcohol rehab centers in Santa Clarita, California offer many different addiction treatment programs that include both short and long-term treatment plans. Clients who enroll at our addiction treatment facility often complete their treatment milestones in 30 days but many others require a longer stay. It’s not uncommon for clients enrolled in rehab in Santa Clarita, CA, to spend 60 or even 90 days in treatment. 

Many of our clients choose to transition to outpatient programs offered at our network rehab partners’ rehab centers in Santa Clarita for ongoing treatment. Our rehab specializes in alcohol and drug detox programs and inpatient treatment, but we routinely encourage clients to seek outpatient treatment or aftercare as they transition back into their lives. They can benefit from the ongoing support as they put the relapse prevention strategies they learned at our drug rehab to work in their everyday lives.

Top Abused Prescription Drugs

As rates of opioid overdose suggest, opioids are among the top abused RX drugs in the U.S. Opioids are drugs derived from the opium poppy. Drugs like morphine, fentanyl, and oxycodone are highly addictive opioid drugs but are often prescribed by doctors to treat pain. Over-prescribing practices have contributed to what has become an opioid epidemic. That’s why our drug and alcohol rehab offers prescription drug addiction treatment in order to help people end their dependence on potentially deadly drugs like opioids.

Other widely abused prescription drugs include benzodiazepines like Xanax which are prescribed to treat mental health disorders like anxiety. These RX drugs, too, can be very addictive. Stimulants like Adderall are another class of RX drugs that can be addictive. 

Medical Detox in Santa Clarita

Addiction treatment often begins with medical detox. Overcoming the physical dependence on drugs and alcohol is often the first stage of addiction recovery. During the drug or alcohol detox, clients are carefully weaned from the substance they are addicted to. The process generally lasts between 5-10 days. Clients can expect to experience withdrawal symptoms, but our addiction specialists prescribe medications and treatments to reduce the discomfort of these symptoms. We strive to help clients rest and relax as their bodies are freed from the toxins associated with the substance they’re addicted to. 

In addition to medication management, we offer many holistic therapies that support our clients’ comfort as they progress through drug and alcohol detox. Therapies like massage and saltwater therapy help alleviate withdrawal symptoms and promote stress relief. We also feature luxury amenities that help to ensure clients’ comfort. Our staff includes a private chef who provides clients with nutritious and delicious meals.

Why Choose Sylvan Detox for RX Rehab?

Sylvan Detox is a highly-rated inpatient drug rehab that can help you overcome your prescription drug addiction. If you are searching for a Santa Clarita rehab center that offers individualized treatment, you’ll find that our custom therapy plans are ideal for anyone addicted to drugs and alcohol. In addition to our medically sanctioned substance abuse counseling, we also feature medical detox and dual diagnosis treatment. 

Our drug treatment center offers clients an ultra-comfortable and safe place to learn how to end their drug dependence and manage their addiction for long-term recovery. When you contact us, we can verify insurance and design a treatment plan that suits your needs. Don’t wait to get the help you need to protect your health and life from the destructive forces of prescription drug abuse.