Do You Need Alcohol Detox?

Alcohol addiction occurs among thousands of Americans each day. While many Santa Clarita residents may be ready to take the necessary steps to overcome alcohol addiction and quit drinking for good, there are often questions about the appropriate detox and treatment programs that best suit your needs for healing. Knowing the appropriate levels of care for you to safely and effectively overcome your alcohol addiction is essential to your success in addiction recovery. A common first step for individuals living with alcohol addiction is, to begin with, an alcohol detox process that will support you in ridding your body of the harmful toxins of alcohol and relieving the physical dependency that has been developed on alcohol throughout your substance use disorder. The initial process of alcohol detox can create unpleasant or severe withdrawal symptoms that should be monitored by licensed healthcare professionals who will ensure your safety and comfort throughout this necessary process. 

There are often questions from patients about whether alcohol detox is a necessary step for patients. Alcohol withdrawal will vary for individuals depending on your unique history of alcohol abuse and the severity of your addiction. If you have a history of severe alcohol addiction, you may experience severe withdrawal symptoms that can become life-threatening if not treated with proper medical care and treatment methods. A medical detox program will offer patients the ongoing support and guidance of nurses and physicians who will monitor your progress and withdrawal symptoms to ensure that your physical and mental health remain stable and healthy throughout your alcohol detox program. Alcohol detox is recommended for individuals that have been experiencing alcohol addiction for a prolonged period of time, those with physical dependence to alcohol, and any patients that have presenting physical or mental health conditions that will need to be treated along with your substance use disorder. Patients will be supported in maintaining healthy, balanced mental and physical health as you make the courageous decision to overcome alcohol addiction.

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Finding An Inpatient Alcohol Detox Near Santa Clarita

After deciding that alcohol detox is the appropriate treatment method for you, you want to find a treatment center that offers the comprehensive treatment plan you require to heal from your alcohol addiction within your body, mind, and spirit. Santa Clarita residents deserve to have a treatment center that honors and respects your individual circumstances and needs for effective addiction treatment methods that are centered around your physical and emotional health. Sylvan detox offers a medically assisted detox program that has 24/7 monitoring from our onsite medical professionals that will ensure you remain comfortable and safe throughout your detox program. Patients reside within our luxury treatment center where you will be provided with leading evidence-based therapy methods and luxury amenities that will foster optimal healing and personal growth. 

What You Can Expect During Alcohol Detox

When you first arrive at our recovery center to complete your alcohol detox program, you will first meet with our onsite nurses and physicians along with an addiction counselor that will complete initial admission paperwork and clinical assessments. This intake process is essential for our team to be able to gain perspective on the severity of your alcohol addiction and the impacts your addiction has had on your physical, emotional, and mental health. During this time, it is important that our team gains an understanding of any presenting physical health conditions, mental health disorders, and behavioral health conditions that will need to be treated alongside your alcohol addiction. Once our team has gotten to know your unique circumstances with alcohol addiction, we will be able to formulate a specific treatment plan that is centered around your individual needs for addiction treatment and healing. 

Once your treatment plan has been established, you will be invited to reside within our treatment center to begin your alcohol detox process. As you quit drinking and start relieving your body of the harmful chemicals and toxins from alcohol abuse, you will begin to experience withdrawal symptoms that will range in severity depending on your history of alcohol abuse. As withdrawal symptoms begin to occur, you will be provided with various treatment methods including medication-assisted treatment where you will be provided with medications that will work to reduce the severity of your symptoms and minimize any persisting alcohol cravings. Patients will also be encouraged to engage in evidence-based therapy methods and holistic treatments that will support you in addressing any challenging emotions and responses that may occur throughout your detox program. Our team of medical professionals will be monitoring your progress and checking in with you to ensure you are receiving the appropriate care and treatments throughout your detox process. You will be able to transition out of your alcohol detox program once you have safely and successfully overcome your withdrawal symptoms. Once your mind and body are clear from withdrawal symptoms, you will have a sound body and mind to begin to address and heal from the underlying emotions and traumas that have contributed to your addictive behaviors. 

Insurance Coverage for Inpatient Alcohol Detox

At Sylvan detox, we want to ensure that we support you in removing any barriers to your success in addiction recovery. We understand that there are often concerns about the cost of detox and rehab programs and you want to find the most coverage possible to supplement the cost of your treatment program. Most major insurance providers will include the full or partial cost of a detox program. Our team will support you in contacting your insurance provider to begin the process of obtaining coverage for your treatment program. Allowing you to get started on your recovery journey when you are ready and motivated to do so without having to wait to navigate the insurance company’s policies and procedures. 

How Long is Detox?

Each person living with an alcohol addiction will have their own specific history with alcohol abuse that is unique to you. Your time in alcohol detox will vary depending on the severity of your alcohol addiction. If you have had an extended period of time engaging in alcohol abuse, drink larger quantities of alcohol, or have co-occurring disorders, you may require a longer period of time to safely and effectively detox from alcohol. Most individuals will be engaged in alcohol detox for a period of 7-10 days. 

Why Choose Sylvan Detox for Inpatient Alcohol Detox Santa Clarita

At Sylvan Detox, we are committed to providing you with extensive levels of care that will maintain your health and well-being throughout this important, life-changing journey of alcohol detox and treatment. Our fully accredited treatment center provides patient access to onsite nurses, a medical doctor that is on call 24/7 and offers a full psychiatric evaluation from our licensed physician on staff. Our healthcare professionals are highly credentialed and trained in safe alcohol detox practices that are cognizant of your physical and mental health needs to ensure you are provided with a whole-person integrated approach to healing and addiction recovery.  Patients are able to reside within our luxury rehab where you will have access to top-tier amenities and addiction therapy methods that will empower you to heal from your addiction while developing the tools for relapse prevention and effective personal, self-care methods. Your success in alcohol detox is our first priority and our team goes above and beyond to ensure that you remain comfortable, relaxed, and safe as you discover a new way of life in addiction recovery. Call us today to take the first step towards the rest of your life that is based in sober living, health, and recovery.