What is Medical Detox for Alcohol

Medical detox in Los Angeles County is an inpatient drug treatment program that helps guide you through withdrawal symptoms associated with alcohol detox. It provides stabilization for alcohol addiction and is the first step in successful rehab treatment. When attempting to stop drinking when struggling with alcohol addiction or alcohol abuse, the body may exhibit withdrawal symptoms which can range from mild to severe. Alcohol withdrawals can be painful at best and at times can be severe or even life-threatening. A detox center is medically supervised by doctors and nurses who monitor your vitals throughout the process, administer medications to ease withdrawal symptoms and cravings, and can quickly act in the event of a medical emergency. It is important to note that alcohol detox is only the first step in addiction treatment programs, you should always continue with alcohol rehab programs like inpatient treatment, intensive outpatient programs, partial hospitalization programs, or other outpatient programs.

Benefits of Medical Detox vs Detoxing at Home

  1. Medical Detox is Safer

Alcohol detox can come with dangerous withdrawal symptoms like seizures and delirium tremens that require emergency medical care. Medical drug and alcohol detox provides around-the-clock medical care in the event of an emergency.

  1. Withdrawal Symptoms are Less Painful 

The medication-assisted treatment used in medical detoxification will ease and even eliminate painful withdrawal symptoms associated with alcohol addiction.

  1. Access to Critical Medications and Care 

You have access to doctors and medications like benzodiazepines that can prevent seizures and other serious withdrawal symptoms.

  1. Reduces Loneliness 

Rehab center staff are caring and will help you through this very difficult process. You will also have appointments with therapists or group therapy sessions that will make the withdrawal process easier to go through emotionally.

  1. Access to a Drug and Alcohol-Free Environment

A drug rehab center is a sober living environment away from triggers, influences, and temptations that often lead to an early relapse.

  1. Ensure You Complete the Withdrawal Process

Attempting alcohol detox on your own often leads to an early relapse. Treatment centers can help you successfully eliminate physical dependence and addiction successfully by providing a sober environment and medications that ease withdrawals and cravings.

  1. Prepares You for the Next Stage of Treatment

The biggest barrier to drug and alcohol addiction treatment is getting yourself into an addiction treatment program. Once your body is clear from alcohol, you can think clearer and be more motivated to complete an addiction treatment program. Once you are in a detox center it is also easier to transition into an alcohol rehab program that will address the psychological and behavioral aspects of addiction.

Medical Detox for Alcohol Addiction at Sylvan Detox

Sylvan Detox in Woodland Hills, California offers the perfect environment to detox from alcohol addiction in comfort and luxury. Upon admission, you will have a full psychiatric evaluation with a medical doctor and have a personalized treatment plan created for your unique bio-psychosocial needs. Our medically assisted detox treatment offers 24/7 monitoring and FDA-approved medication-assisted treatment. We also include daily individual therapy sessions and alternative therapies including yoga, massage, saltwater therapy, and breathwork therapy. Once you have completed alcohol detox, you can transition into our inpatient treatment program with comprehensive treatment plans aimed at addressing every aspect of addiction for long-term recovery.

Sylvan Detox is a small 6-bed facility in the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles which allows us to place much more focus on you and your needs compared to a larger recovery center. Amenities in your treatment program include a private chef, large spacious outdoor areas, housekeeping, workout and fitness classes, meditation, sound healing, and phone time after a blackout period.

If you are ready to take back control of your life and start drug detox, please contact us today. Our addiction specialists can get you started in the admissions process right away.