Top Sober Living Housing Programs in Los Angeles

Completing drug and alcohol rehab at Sylvan Detox will help create a strong foundation for a lifetime of recovery. Our comprehensive treatment programs will help you heal from the root cause of addiction while helping you gain skills and knowledge to manage triggers and stressors successfully without turning to drugs or alcohol. While you have created a solid relapse prevention plan filled with new coping skills and tools, routines, and self-care management, you still have not implemented all this information into the real world. Feelings of apprehension and overwhelm are normal as you approach the day to re-enter the real world.

Our commitment to you and your recovery does not end the day you complete medical detox and inpatient treatment at Sylvan Detox. While maintaining sobriety during inpatient treatment can be easier, once you begin to transition back to the real world, triggers and temptations can be harder to control. Sober living housing can improve recovery success outside inpatient rehab through continued structured, support, and accountability. We can connect you with luxury sober living houses in Los Angeles to ease reintegration where you will be surrounded by others who continue to work on their own treatment programs.

As a luxury rehab facility, we are aware of the importance of living in a home away from home environment. You will also continue to have access to our treatment team as you adjust back to normal life. We will connect you with comfortable sober living in Los Angeles that will provide you with a stable environment as you continue your journey through drug and alcohol recovery. Every sober living facility in Los Angeles will vary in their guidelines, however, most of these homes share similar rules which may include:

  • No substance use of any kind
  • Regular drug testing
  • Be employed or actively seek out jobs
  • Set curfews

Benefits of Sober Living with Sylvan Detox

Struggling with drug and alcohol addiction is a lifelong journey. After completing drug and alcohol rehab, the first year of sobriety can be the most challenging as you readjust to living a life free of substances. Sylvan Detox can help you gain a solid foundation in your recovery through our medical detox and inpatient treatment programs, however proper reintegration into the real world is key to successful recovery. Through outpatient treatment programs you can begin to taper down treatment intensity. However, many individuals need access to a supportive and drug-free environment during outpatient treatment. Sober living homes can provide the type of environment needed to maintain sobriety while you adopt new healthy behaviors and habits. Even if you do have a supportive and substance-free home to go back to, sober living homes can offer various benefits to your recovery efforts, including:

  • Creates an opportunity to build meaningful relationships. Living with others on a similar path as you can help you build sober friendships and build a support network in Los Angeles. Often, recovery requires you to eliminate people from your life who have contributed to your addiction, which may leave you very few friends. Sober living creates an opportunity to make new friends who support your new life in sobriety.
  • Offers structure and support. Part of successful recovery is structure and routine. Sober living housing can help you transition into the real world with enough structure and support, as they have certain rules you need to follow, including curfews and keeping up with support meetings. Housing staff can also offer support, and resources, and help you through problems you may face.
  • Learn essential life skills. Addiction can cause you to miss out on many things in life, including learning universal life skills needed to support yourself independently. Sober living housing can teach you some of these essential life skills such as cooking, cleaning, exercising, maintaining proper hygiene, and doing laundry.
  • Reduces the risk of relapse. Sober living housing does not allow drugs or alcohol and usually routine drug tests, which will keep you accountable in your recovery. They also help eliminate many triggers you might face at home.
  • Ease transition back to real life. Sober living housing in Los Angeles builds a bridge between inpatient treatment and independent living. As you go back into society, you will face old stressors and triggers but will have support on how to handle those while having a sober and safe place to live.
  • Provides greater independence. You will have greater independence than while at Sylvan Detox inpatient care but will continue feeling accountable and supported by others in your sober home, which allows you to begin to live life again without feeling overwhelmed.

Why Choose Sylvan Detox For Sober Living in Los Angeles

If you are beginning the journey toward recovery, there is no better sober living choice than inpatient treatment at Sylvan Detox. While it may be tempting to feel that if you were only held accountable for your substance abuse and lived in a drug-free environment you could get a handle on your substance abuse, comprehensive treatment programs are needed to be successfully sober in the long run. These types of programs are only available in rehab clinics and inpatient treatment provides the most intensive program where you can separate yourself from temptations and triggers of the outside world.

Residential inpatient treatment at Sylvan Detox in Los Angeles will include around-the-clock medical support from nurses, doctors, and counselors. A robust treatment program will be created especially for you that will explore and treat the underlying causes of your addiction. You will receive several therapies to help you work through co-occurring disorders and help you learn the necessary skills and tools to manage cravings and triggers successfully.

One of the best reasons to choose Sylvan Detox for sober living in Los Angeles, is our non-hospital setting, luxury facility. Residents live in semi-private rooms with high quality mattresses, plush bedding, and fresh linens. All meals are made in house by a private chef who takes into consideration nutrition to help your body heal from the effects of addiction. Inpatient treatment also includes housekeeping services so you always have a clean environment and can solely focus on your recovery program. We include several amenities into our spacious indoor and outdoor common areas, such as gaming consoles, TVs, pool table, basketball court, fitness classes, meditation, and tons of board games to help you connect with fellow residents. After completing your rehab program with us, we will connect you with luxury sober living facilities in Los Angeles to help you transition out.

Women’s Sober Living Los Angeles

Sylvan Detox can help you enter gender-specific sober living facilities in Los Angeles. Women’s sober living in Los Angeles can help women transition out of rehab safely and more easily. Often women in recovery have experienced physical, emotional, or sexual abuse from men in the past, which can be difficult to overcome as they go through recovery. Women’s only sober living can foster a sense of security and trust, reducing relapse triggers. Sober living homes will also include group meetings that can focus on substance abuse issues unique to women and allow individuals to feel more vulnerable and open during these meetings. Women’s only housing helps to build deeper bonds and sisterhood built on sharing similar experiences and stories, which can last a lifetime. Sober living housing can also help provide access to resources or social services in Los Angeles specific to women, including family therapy, child care, and legal support with custody arrangements.

Men’s Sober Living Los Angeles

Men will also benefit from gender-specific sober living housing in Los Angeles, California. Similar to women, men also deal with unique issues and circumstances surrounding drug addiction. Men’s sober living housing can reduce distractions and allow men to heal more easily from their issues surrounding substance abuse. Often, men feel they need to hold a strong exterior in front of women, which can create a barrier to healing and successful recovery. Men’s sober living can help men feel more vulnerable and open with one another, while they focus on unique issues and topics surrounding addiction during group meetings. Just like women, men can build stronger bonds with one another to create a solid support network and a lifetime of friendships.

Aftercare & Alumni Support

Sober living is a great way to transition back into the real world, however, there are other programs that can also help you continue working on your recovery during and after your time in sober living housing. Aftercare programs will help patients create a plan for how they prevent relapses in the real world and provide resources. This can include connecting with therapists in Los Angeles, 12-step meetings, and finding additional support. Alumni programs are also available to help peers connect with others who have completed similar recovery programs. They will also provide resources and opportunities to connect with others in recovery.

If you or a loved one are struggling with alcohol and drug in Los Angeles, please call us at Sylvan Detox to learn more about how rehab can help you gain back control of your life.