Top Sober Living Housing Programs in Beverly Hills

Completing drug and alcohol rehab at Sylvan Detox will help create a strong foundation for a lifetime of recovery. Our comprehensive treatment programs will help you heal from the root cause of addiction while helping you gain skills and knowledge to manage triggers and stressors successfully without turning to drugs or alcohol. While you have created a solid relapse prevention plan filled with new coping skills and tools, routines, and self-care management, you still have not implemented all this information into the real world. Feelings of apprehension and overwhelm are normal as you approach the day to re-enter the real world.

Our commitment to you and your recovery does not end the day you complete medical detox and inpatient treatment at Sylvan Detox. While maintaining sobriety during inpatient treatment can be easier, once you begin to transition back to the real world, triggers and temptations can be harder to control. Sober living housing can improve recovery success outside inpatient rehab through continued structured, support, and accountability. We can connect you with luxury sober living houses in Beverly Hills to ease reintegration where you will be surrounded by others who continue to work on their own treatment programs.

As a luxury rehab facility, we are aware of the importance of living in a home away from home environment. You will also continue to have access to our treatment team as you adjust back to normal life. We will connect you with comfortable sober living in Beverly Hills that will provide you with a stable environment as you continue your journey through drug and alcohol recovery. Every sober living facility in Beverly Hills will vary in their guidelines, however, most of these homes share similar rules which may include:

  • No substance use of any kind
  • Regular drug testing
  • Be employed or actively seek out jobs
  • Set curfews

Benefits of Sober Living with Sylvan Detox

If you or a loved one struggles with an addiction, it may be time to seek help from a sober living environment. An addiction is a strong and unhealthy need to repeatedly use drugs or alcohol. An addiction can be mild or severe, depending on how much it disrupts your life and how many problems it causes. While all addictions share certain elements, each type of addiction has its traits, as well. 

When it comes to struggling with an addiction to drugs or alcohol, sober living can make a huge impact on one’s recovery journey. Sober living environments are places where those with an addiction can stay. Here, you’ll have a supportive community where you can start your new life free from drugs and alcohol. Residents of sober living environments commit to not using drugs, alcohol, or other harmful substances while participating in the sober living program, outpatient rehab, or inpatient treatment. Sober living provides a support network so you can practice new skills, gain new insights, and shape your new life in recovery with others who may face similar challenges to you and yours. Sober living environments provide a strong support network, as well as a sense of community to help you safely navigate the triggers you may encounter while living a sober life. 

There are many options when it comes to sober living environments and it’s important to find a program that works well for you. Depending on the individual and the severity of the addiction, sober living can occur at the same time as outpatient rehab treatment or it can occur after completing a rehab program. According to the National Association of Recovery Residences, there are four different categories to sell living environments, including: 

  1. Level one, peer one: typically, this level of sober living takes place in single-family homes that are democratically run and usually involve a senior resident to hold others accountable. As part of sober living, drug screenings, and house meetings are usually mandatory to reside in the home
  2. Level two, monitored: this kind of sober living usually takes place in single-family homes or apartments. They’re run by a senior-level resident or a house manager and involve drug screenings, house meetings, and peer-run groups
  3. Level three, supervised: supervised sober living environments take place in a licensed facility where there is an organizational hierarchy, administrative oversight, policies, and procedures
  4. Level four integrated: at an integrated sober living environment, services tend to be provided in a more institutional environment and are often transitional services for those completing inpatient or residential addiction treatment. Here, clinical services are provided in-house and there’s a strong emphasis on life skills development

How long you stay in sober living depends on the sober living facility and your progress in addiction recovery. Depending on the sober living environment, you may stay there for the duration of your addiction treatment or you can remain in sober living after treatment is completed. The time spent in a sober living environment depends on the strength of recovery from addiction, the progress on clinical milestones, and the personal living situation at home. Most times, a minimum stay of three months is recommended. However, many patients benefit from a longer stay for sustained sobriety. 

There are many benefits to attending sober living environments while you seek help for your addiction. These are some benefits of sober living:

  • Residents have an opportunity to create meaningful relationships: during the height of their addiction, the most important relationship is that with drugs and alcohol. Sober living environments can offer a safe space where you can begin to create meaningful relationships that add value to your life. In sober living environments, you’ll meet with different kinds of people who may understand what you’re going through. That way, you don’t have to be alone in your journey to recovery.
  • Sober living offers ongoing support and structure: it can be easy to slip back into old habits without structure. Sober living environments provide added structure with rules and guidelines, as well as ongoing care. 
  • It teaches life skills: it can be difficult to take care of yourself when you struggle with addiction. Sober living homes allow you to relearn life skills, such as doing laundry, going grocery shopping, going to work every day, finding and keeping a job, exercising, and maintaining your hygiene. Performing these life skills in sober living will help you when you’re out of the program and back to your normal life.
  • Sober living helps with the transition back to home: returning to activities of daily living can be hard after being in treatment for addiction. Studies show that relapse is extremely common when those with addiction return to their previous lives too soon. Sober living helps with the transition and makes it easier for you when you’re ready to return home.
  • It reduces the risk of relapse: sober living environments reduce the chance of relapse because there are fewer triggers surrounding you. Reducing triggers is essential to recovery because they can lead to cravings to use, which can lead to relapse.
  • There is access to more connections: making connections and networking can be difficult, especially when recovering from an addiction. Sober living homes are equipped with several resources to help you find your way back to normal living after treatment.

Why Choose Sylvan Detox For Sober Living in Beverly Hills 

If you’re looking for a sober living environment near Beverly Hills, consider joining Sylvan Detox. Sylvan Detox is the perfect place for you to get started with your journey to sobriety. With a professional medical team, counselors, and other addiction professionals, you can recover in a safe and comfortable environment free from potential triggers. At Sylvan Detox, you can enroll in an inpatient treatment program or an outpatient rehab program, depending on what’s right for you and your needs. The programs at Sylvan Detox are designed to help you regain your confidence, values, and self-esteem while you learn how to live a drug- and alcohol-free life. Best of all, Sylvan Detox offers sober living programs for all ages and genders, so you can choose the one best suited to you and your needs. 

Women’s Sober Living Beverly Hills

Because everyone who struggles with addiction is different, there are several options available to receive help. One option is women’s sober living programs. Women’s sober living is a safe environment for women to practice sobriety and develop healthy coping mechanisms. 

Women’s sober living homes can be beneficial because some find it more comforting and less distracting to go through recovery with others of the same gender. Gender-specific sober living typically eliminates the temptations that can arise with co-op living situations. Additionally, some women may be struggling with male-related trauma, so it’s less triggering and safer for them to be in a women-only sober living environment. At a women’s sober living home, the environment will be catered to the unique needs of women. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), the length of time a person spends in sober living can directly impact their success in recovery. 

There are many benefits to gender-specific sober living environments. Some perks to women’s sober living include: 

  • The ability to focus more on your recovery
  • An increased feeling of safety
  • A better chance at avoiding relapse
  • Receiving support from other recovering women
  • Access to female-centered treatment programs

Men’s Sober Living Beverly Hills

Similar to how women’s sober living is exclusively designed for women and their needs, men’s sober living does the same, but for men. This provides an opportunity for men to live in a safe and supportive environment while they focus on maintaining their sobriety from addiction. At men’s sober living homes, there are strict rules and regulations that the residents must follow, including a curfew, no visitors, no drugs or alcohol, and attendance at weekly meetings. 

One of the major benefits of men’s sober living is the structure and support it provides to those who live there. The rules and regulations of sober living homes help hold residents accountable and also give them a sense of responsibility. Additionally, men’s sober living environments allow men to bond and build relationships with others who are living sober lives.

Aftercare & Alumni Support

Aftercare planning is an important stage in the recovery process. Oftentimes, aftercare plans include: 

  • Appointment setting
  • A realistic, sustainable self-management plan
  • A protection plan to activate in the event of triggers
  • A regrouping plan in the event of a recurrence of symptoms

There are many aftercare programs and ways to connect with other alumni once you’re completed addiction treatment. Many aftercare programs take place concurrently, such as alumni programs, support groups, ongoing therapy, and case management. Benefits to aftercare include: 

  • Commitment to lifelong recovery
  • Finding and embracing a support network outside of rehab
  • Staying healthy physically with follow-up appointments
  • Continuing mental and emotional healing
  • Avoiding relapse through the proper maintenance and treatment
  • Starting sobriety on the right track

For more information on sober living for men and women, call Sylvan Detox at (818) 308-3099.