Rehab Near Me: Best Detox & Rehab for Addiction in Beverly Hills

After making the courageous decision to seek help for your drug addiction, there are several things to consider when choosing your drug detox program to help you find the appropriate recovery center for your treatment process. Sylvan Detox offers Beverly Hills patients a detox and rehab program that is a supportive, tranquil environment. Our 6-bed facility enables patients to heal from the physical impacts of chemical dependency with access to our experienced medical detox team and explore the underlying issues that have been contributing to their addictive behaviors through evidence-based therapy methods. You have what it takes to heal from addiction and our team will be with you every step of the way in your recovery process. 

Best Drug Rehab Center for Beverly Hills Residents

Sylvan Detox is the leading choice for Beverly Hills residents as we offer a luxury treatment center that values high levels of privacy for all patients. Undergoing addiction treatment is a personal journey that should be met with confidentiality and exceptional services and amenities that help you feel comfortable and at ease throughout your recovery journey. Along with maintaining your comfort, we believe that each patient deserves to have a treatment program that is centered around their unique needs and goals for addiction recovery. To effectively heal from addiction, you must be provided with a full continuum of care including medical detox, inpatient rehab, outpatient treatment, and aftercare programming. Remaining clean and sober is a long-term commitment and our team is ready to support you every step of the way in this process to ensure you can have long-term sobriety. 

Types of Addiction Treatment For Drug Addiction We Offer

Drug addiction is a personal disease that begins for reasons that are unique to you. To heal from the underlying issues that have contributed to your addiction will require many addiction therapy methods that will assist you in exploring those root causes and enable you to develop the tools for relapse prevention. Beverly Hills residents will be invited to participate in the following addiction treatment methods: 

  • Cognitive behavioral therapy 
  • Rational emotive behavioral therapy 
  • Dialectical behavioral therapy 
  • Dual diagnosis treatment 
  • Interpersonal psychotherapy 
  • Life skills development 
  • Interpersonal skill and social development 
  • 12-step recovery programs and principles 
  • Relapse prevention 
  • Alternative therapy including creative healing, experiential therapy, or art and music therapy 
  • Cognitive restructuring 
  • Trauma therapy 
  • Family therapy 
  • Anger management 
  • Holistic therapies and treatments 

Inpatient Drug Rehab

An inpatient drug rehab at Sylvan Detox provides Beverly Hills residents with a structured, supportive environment to undergo addiction therapy. Inpatient rehab is ideal for patients that are beginning their recovery journey and need intensive support and access to addiction therapists and medical staff 24/7. Patients will reside within our recovery center where they will be free of any outside distractions or triggers allowing them to fully engage in your recovery journey and get the most from your treatment program. The routine schedule of inpatient rehab programs enables patients to establish a strong foundation in addiction recovery and promote long-term success in addiction recovery.  

Outpatient Drug Rehab

Outpatient drug rehab provides Beverly Hills residents with a flexible option for addiction treatment that is less intensive than an inpatient drug rehab program. There are varying levels of care for outpatient rehab that are designed to support patients in continuing with addiction therapy while also offering flexibility to maintain prior commitments while undergoing addiction treatment. An outpatient is an ideal option for patients that are experiencing a mild to moderate addiction that does not require intensive supervision and care from an inpatient rehab program or for individuals that have completed an inpatient rehab program and are seeking continued support to ensure long-term success in addiction recovery. 

Heroin Rehab

Heroin addiction can create severe physical dependencies within its users along with having significant psychological impacts. The first step in a heroin recovery process is to begin addressing the physical addiction through a medical detox program. Detoxing from heroin will typically include a medication-assisted treatment program that will offer you FDA-approved medications that will alleviate the severity of your withdrawal symptoms and minimize the onset of any strong drug cravings, As you transition into heroin rehab, patients will often continue with the medications while also beginning to engage in several evidence-based therapy methods that will support you in addressing and healing from the underlying causes of addiction while gaining the coping strategies to maintain addiction recovery. 

Meth Rehab

Meth addiction is a drug that has significant impacts on your physical health and mental health functioning. During meth rehab, patients are supported in restoring their physical health through holistic treatment methods including nutritional therapy, physical exercise, and other holistic methods that will replenish any nutritional deficiencies to regain their physical functioning and health. To mitigate any psychological impacts, patients will be provided with behavioral therapies that will target stabilizing their mental health and offering emotional regulation techniques. 

Benzo Rehab

Benzodiazepines are prescription drugs that are used to treat anxiety, panic disorder, behavioral health conditions, and seizures. When used as prescribed, these medications can be highly effective. However, if they are abused, there is an increased risk that a person can become addicted and dependent on benzos. Attempting to quit benzos cold turkey can result in the exacerbation of the symptoms from your original disorder which is why patients are directed to complete a slow tapering-off process to allow their body the time it needs to safely cleanse themselves from the addictive components of benzos. During benzo rehab, patients will complete the slow tapering off process along with engaging in dual diagnosis treatment that will provide them with treatments and tools for managing their co-occurring disorder through natural, holistic healing methods. 

Prescription Drug Rehab

Prescription drugs come in many forms that are used to treat several medical, mental health, or behavioral health conditions. Certain medications have a higher risk of creating dependency or addiction when they are misused. During prescription drug rehab, patients will be provided with a comprehensive treatment plan that addresses physical dependency while also offering behavioral health therapy methods that will treat and manage their co-occurring disorders without having to rely on medications. 

Cocaine Rehab

Cocaine addiction will often impact the substance abuser in psychological and behavioral health concerns rather than physical impacts compared to other drug addictions. Beverly Hills residents undergoing cocaine rehab will be offered a comprehensive treatment plan that incorporates a combination of behavioral therapies, 12-step programs, and relapse prevention methods that will support them in identifying their underlying issues contributing to addiction while providing them with the coping mechanisms to maintain long-term addiction recovery. 

How Long Is Rehab?

Each person in drug rehab will have their own needs to be met that will require a personalized treatment program that can differ in the length of time. Patients will have the opportunity to engage in 30, 60, or 90-day rehab programs. Our admission team will take the time to get to know you and your specific history of addiction to assist you in choosing the appropriate lengths of time for you and your recovery process. 

What Is Rehab Like?

Each patient will have their own unique experience with drug rehab depending on their specific needs and circumstances. While in residential treatment, patients will reside within our luxury treatment center where they will have the ability to stay in private or semi-private rooms that offer the highest level of comfort and relaxation. After you participate in your daily individual and group therapy sessions, you will be invited to engage in recreational and social activities, enjoy private chef-made meals that are healthy and delicious, and enjoy having time to relax in your luxury bedroom. 

12-Step Drug Rehab in Beverly Hills

Within each drug rehab program, patients are provided with 12-step principles and recovery groups to engage in. We hope to expose patients to these principles so that they become comfortable and open to these groups for you to feel comfortable to continue accessing 12-step meetings even after you complete your drug rehab program and transition home. These groups will offer you a solid network of support that will be with you as you continue to navigate your way through early addiction recovery. 

Executive Drug Rehab in Beverly Hills

Within each drug rehab program, patients are provided with 12-step principles and recovery groups to engage in. We hope to expose patients to these principles so that they become comfortable and open to these groups for you to feel comfortable to continue accessing 12-step meetings even after you complete your drug rehab program and transition home. These groups will offer you a solid network of support that will be with you as you continue to navigate your way through early addiction recovery. 

Breathwork Therapy

Breathwork therapy is a holistic method of therapy that supports patients in developing the skills to regulate their emotions and reduce stress in a healthy, natural way. Patients will learn guided breathing exercises that will work to reduce anxiety or stress and help center or ground them at the moment. Breathwork therapy is helpful within rehab and acts as a powerful tool for relapse prevention that can be used throughout your day-to-day life. 

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is a popular form of addiction therapy that will assist patients in recognizing harmful or negative emotions, thoughts, or actions that have contributed to their addictive behaviors. Through CBT sessions, patients can develop coping mechanisms that will support emotion regulation and managing triggers as a method for relapse prevention. 

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy

Dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT) is a form of behavioral therapy that offers patients tools for overcoming emotional distress and triggers for relapse. DBT sessions will help patients in avoiding self-destructive behaviors through tools such as emotional regulation, mindfulness, interpersonal skills, and healthy conflict management. 

Family Systems Therapy

During your addiction, it is common for families to become distanced and conflicts to arise. Family therapy supports patients and families to develop the skills for healthy communication, establishing boundaries within the family unit, process and healing from past conflicts, and identifying any enabling behaviors to work to establish new methods of supporting each other that foster sober living. 

Trauma-Informed Therapy

For many individuals in active addiction, there is a history of emotional wounds and trauma that have resulted in challenges in maintaining daily living and stressors. Trauma-informed therapy will ensure that patients are provided with effective therapy sessions that avoid any further retraumatization by fostering open communication between patient and therapist to ensure you remain comfortable and safe throughout your healing process. 

Why Choose Sylvan Detox For Drug Rehab in Beverly Hills

Sylvan Detox offers Beverly Hills residents a luxury rehab center that offers top-tier treatment methods and services that will foster healing from addiction within your body, mind, and spirit. Our team is dedicated to providing you with exceptional levels of care through our full continuum of care that will ensure you are able  successfully to overcome your addiction and gain long-term addiction recovery. Contact Sylvan Detox to begin your road to recovery within our safe, luxury rehab center today.